You can easily master the Japanese way of thinking(in progress)


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How to become a genius inventor for free even for children

This page offers a free introduction to the Japanese thinking style. Japanese people tend to approach thinking philosophically, seeking answers from the universe itself. They pursue these answers with seriousness and tenacity until they are satisfied. This approach does not require academic credentials or reference materials, as it is a basic human capability that dates back to primitive times. Japanese people have used this approach to invent and improve many things. It provides simple and practical methods for anyone to use. When this thinking style was first introduced a decade ago, it caused quite a sensation. Today, electronic minds such as ChatBPT are trying to surpass human thinking, but they cannot replicate the philosophical approach of the Japanese. Let’s learn this approach together so we can compete with electronic minds and prevail.


My book introduced in Japanese newspapers, magazines and TV

Genius Note

All you need is a notebook and pen

Check the printing status of the ruled lines
Ruled lines are printed all the way to the edge

The condition of the notebook that can be used is that the ruled line is printed to the edge.

Introducing the best notes

Tsubame Note Notebook A6 Horizontal Ruled 72 Sheets 5 Pack N6003-5P.

Tsubame Notebook Notebook A5 Horizontal Ruled 7mm x 24 Lines 100 Sheets H100S H2006

Tsubame Notebook Notebook A4 Horizontal Ruled 8mm x 32 Lines 100 Sheets A5005

How to use (free)


This is a device to open the notebook immediately at any time.

First, process a commercially available notebook.
Just cut the corners of the cover and you’re ready to go.
With just this, an ordinary notebook transforms into a super notebook.

To open the page, press the cut corner with your thumb to open it.
That way you can quickly open a blank page.
This is a way of not using your consciousness to open your notebook.
If you use your mind to open your notebook, the ideas that come to you will disappear.

How to write  ●Important items

If you don’t cut off the bottom right corner of the right page, you won’t be able to open the blank page next time.
It’s the little things, but the most important ones.

Freely write the ideas in your head.

Text, graphics, or illustrations are fine.
Don’t think too much while writing.
Don’t worry about how to write.

The important thing is to write down all the ideas in your head.
Because if you don’t write it down, it will disappear.

Write it down, then start thinking about it.
Then I write down the ideas that come to my mind.

Be sure to write the due date (important)

Finally cut off the bottom right corner of the right page (most important)

Search function

1, Mark for search.

2,Roll the entire notebook up and you’ll see the markings.
This is the basic mechanism.

3,Use the last page as a keyword for searching.
Mark on the same line as the keyword.
The markings on each page are visible on the same line, so open the marked page.
Now you can open the desired page.

This method has many applications.
It can be used in the same way as the link on the home page.

You can connect pages, so you can add pages even in the middle of the page.

You can add as many pages as you need.
So you don’t have to keep a blank page open.

This link function can connect related pages.
Just like a home page link.

Japanese way of thinking

First, check the movement of the brain

first step
Analyze past information and look for improvements.
This is the field that AI does.

Second step
Imagine your ideal goal.
This is a job that only humans can do.

third step
Solve problems to achieve goals.
At this time, human imagination and chatBPT work.

Joint development is good for the betterment of society as a whole.

Business competition requires creativity.
Especially “hirameki and kizuki” is important.
“hirameki and kizuki” is Japanese inspiration.

It’s Japanese “kan”.

Ideas that come to mind are often lost.

The super memo technique is a sure way to write down ideas that are easy to disappear.

Here’s how not to waste a single drop of your brain power.

The way to come up with great ideas is to accumulate thoughts over and over again.
You will level up more the second time than the first time. The third time is much better than the second time. Thinking through it all makes for great ideas.

There is a super memo technique to make this work efficiently.

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